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When Eisenhandler & Co. came into existence, our singular focus was to merge market data, insights from our expansive network, and our profound industry experience into a formidable arsenal for our clients. Our goal has consistently been to stand as your unwavering partner, dedicated to identifying and rewarding your high-performing talent. The capabilities listed below exemplify the ways through which we deliver resolute guidance and invaluable insights to you and your firm.

Competitive pay benchmarking & insights

Powered by our proprietary platform

Incentive plan review, assessment & design

  • Annual incentive plans
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Phantom and real equity plans
  • Carried interest / co-investment plans

Assessment & construction of employee value proposition

Benefits and Perquisites, Culture
Flexibility, Career Trajectory and
Employee Experience

Pay advisory / counsel for boards and management committees

Organizational design

How should I structure my functional teams?

  • Corporate and functional titles
  • Headcount benchmarking

Pay equity

conferences and networking events

Eisenhandler’s membership program

  • Compensation mentoring & coaching from the Eisenhandler team
  • Trend meetings with your management team
  • Thought leadership about people & pay

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